Designing for Optimal Ergonomic Performance

The ibml FUSiON is an ultra-high volume intelligent scanner designed with optimal ergonomic function. Every area of the scanner has been designed intuitively to improve comfort, access, and daily operation for the user. The BZDesign industrial design and user interface design team worked with ibml to create an evolutionary product that streamlines the document processes into one simplified infrastructure. 

The main goals of the Industrial Design team were focused around:

  • Sleek Redesigned Machine Exterior
  • Intuitive Paper Feed Controls
  • Improved Paper Path Visibility and Maintenance Access
  • Improved Airflow, Dust Filtration, and Error Detection
  • Ergonomic Improvements for extended hours at the scanner

The ibml FUSiON 7400 is an entirely new industrial design developed for superior user interaction, to propel productivity, and to dramatically announce the arrival of the ibml FUSiON 7400 and ibml FUSiON family of scanners. The design language boldly communicates this scanner is exceptionally powerful, a part of a distinctly modern new scanner generation, that is the fastest, most agile in the world.

The iconic cover form wraps across the core scanning interface area – an improved, easier to reach, flat open scanning track – with a soft, continuous edge radius for operators working in front of the scanner. Redesigned intuitive feeder controls deliver a better operator experience – reducing training and increasing overall productivity. Colored LED status indicators above the document pathway highlight error locations for immediate attention. Isolated airflow sections keep paper dust away from electronics. An integrated footrest is provided across the front for operator comfort while standing.




Marketing & Video Support

Our team collaborated with multiple video production teams to create the introduction video for the ibml Fusion. This video focused on promoting the updates and values that makes the Fusion outperform other large-scale scanners.


Video Production Credits |  Videography: ___ Production: ____ Direction & Animation: BZDesign




UI/UX & Graphic Design

The visual team has been supporting ibml’s transition to their new brand language with new icon design and user interface style updates.



Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Marketing, Photo/Video