#RocVenture: Our Favorite Posts from Rochester Venture Adventure

Last month, bzdesign was Design Sponsor for Rochester Venture Adventure, a city-wide scavenger hunt sponsored by High Tech Rochester and AT&T. To get up close and personal with the future of downtown Rochester, participants raced around the city in teams of three, solving puzzles and finding clues.

The bz team was honored to design the brand for Rochester Venture Adventure (eventually known as #RocVenture on social media). This design work included logo, website, flyers and more.

Roc Venture

We were proud to help bring this event into fruition, and we were honored by #RocVenture participants who quickly embraced our beloved little bzrobot. A hashtag search on Instagram reveals the RocVenture logo on t-shirts, sidewalks and city walls.

Here’s our top ten favorite pictures of ROC explorers with bz robot (via Instagram).

50/50 plank grinding with the robot via @itsmikes

IG 1

Trekking Hard via @itsmikes

IG 2

Hardly Trekking via @welovethepancakes

IG 3

Big Hit via @hoytephoto

IG 4

Selfie Care via @littlestzito

IG 5

Flying High via @snc333

IG 6

Combined Effort via @willeparks

IG 7

Weary Explorers via @dpgator87

IG 8

Easy Street via @contentbyjess

IG 9

Grand slam via @carolmetzger12

IG 10

Thank you to all the #RocVenture participants. We’re as excited as you are to see the future of downtown Rochester.