BZDesign, Inc. / Process

1. Exploration

We work with you to learn about your needs, wants, and aesthetic preferences to build a foundation for excellent design. On industrial design projects, our skilled ID team will learn about your ideas and goals for the product to efficiently take your ideas into production. Our graphic designers will also be available to assist in any marketing efforts to help launch your product. Collaboration between your team and ours ensures alignment throughout the entire design process.

BZDesign Collaborate

2. Ideation

BZDesign Process

Our design process starts with researching your market and competing markets. This initial research assures that we understand the needs of the market and challenges that we may face along the way. Keeping the end goal in mind, we will deliver a product that will be successful, innovative, and most importantly, a perfect fit into the market.

3. Development

BZDesign Sketch

Sketch. Sketch. Sketch. Whatever the project, sketching gets our creative teams thinking outside the box. Every idea can be explored simply and quickly. The wide range of solutions from this step in the process allows us to efficiently decide which ideas are great and which ideas won’t be moving forward. Whether it’s exploring branding and logo options, or concepting on a radical new product, sketching is the most important step in the process.

BZDesign Wirefram

4. Refinement

Using digital and traditional techniques we create 3D visualizations of your product. We believe that the most efficient way to progress through a design process is to always have physical models present at every meeting. Whether they are rough paper mockups, or full 3D-printed representations of your product, being able to visualize a physical object at early stages prevents any surprises later in the development process. Paired with 3D renderings showing final materials and finishes will allow you and your customers to give our team valuable feedback on the progress of the design.

BZDesign Prototyping

5. Production

BZDesign Production

With final design language solidified, we work with manufacturers and marketing teams to bring your product to life. We have experts in the manufacturing field that can advise you on the best practices to interact with manufacturing houses. Our team can assist with the transition to production and will be ready to accompany the design throughout the process. Partner with our graphic design team to get assistance with marketing and promotional materials to further help your product become a success. Our team will be with you from concept to launch.