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We are a full-creative suite of talented designers dedicated to building your brand.

We combine the unique talents of our team to build a group ready to tackle your design and marketing needs. No matter the combination of services you require, we’ll build a custom package to efficiently build a great experience centered around your product or service.

Prototyping & Product Design

Industrial Design

From tiny wearables, to full-scale industrial machinery, we deliver a full product design suite to bring your idea from a rough concept to final manufacturing.

Industrial Design Team Lead

Adam Baker

Branding, Web, Collateral

Graphic Design

We create fully realized brand packages, for companies at any stage, including logos, websites, print & digital graphics, tradeshow materials, and more.

Graphic Design Team Lead

Kelly Vars

UI/UX Design

User Interface

We specialize in creating positive user experiences both physically and digitally, creating front-end design for mobile apps and on-board software.

UI/UX Team Lead

Laura Whitby

Digital Strategy & Social Media


Our team builds brand awareness with custom marketing plans consisting of SEO, digital marketing, social media manegement, and other unconvential methods.

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BZDesign Team

Industrial Design


Industrial design is our main focus of expertise. Our service is focused around a tangible, phase-driven process to help our clients take their ideas and concepts to production. No matter the state of idea, our team will integrate with yours to create the best possible product.

Services Include:

  • Sketch Exploration
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D-Printing
  • Keyshot Rendering
  • Solidworks Modeling
  • User Experience Testing
  • Contracted Engineering
  • Manufacturable Design

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Graphic Design


Our graphic design team supports our clients with a wide range of services. Many industrial design projects are accompanied with a graphic design package that helps brand, develop, promote, and market new products. Our team also manages purely graphic design projects and can work with any size company or project to suit our clients’ needs.

Services Include:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding Packages
  • Print Materials
  • Advertising
  • Marketing/Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Front-End App Design
  • Tradeshow Graphics
  • Promotional Materials
  • Environmental Installations
  • Digital Graphics
  • Photography/Videography

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User Interface


Our designers and programmers work together to concept, design, and develop user interfaces focused on efficient, easy-to-use, user experiences. Our team will work with your team and your customers to create the right solution. Through multiple levels of design and user-testing, we are confident that our final developed app will deliever what you’re looking for. For larger development projects, our team will partner with other development firms to provide you with the most efficient process.

Services Include:

  • User Interviews
  • Feature Concepting
  • Workflow Mapping
  • Wireframe Level Testing
  • Static Mockups
  • Phased Programming
  • iOS & Android Development

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"The BZDesign team is innovative and refreshing. They quickly and clearly identify our needs and deliver above expectation!"

Tim Haines - President - MacInnes Tool

"Working with the BZDesign team is refreshing, I enjoy the process and the creativity."

Eric Hansen - Director of Marketing - Nalgene

"BZDesign listened to what we said, understood our business, and developed an excellent design which has led to increased sales."

John Hart - CEO - Lumetrics

"BZDesign has been integral in elevating Cerion’s brand. Their responsive team is young, hungry and very customer service driven."

Matt Winslow - COO - Cerion Advanced Materials

"Working with the BZ team was enjoyable, interactive and spirited. Ideas flowed and were exchanged freely."

Robert D. Juncosa - CEO - Thermal Gradient, Inc.