BZDesign, Inc. / OPTIK


OPTIK is a tool measuring and management software developed by our client, Omega TMM, to replace their outdated software on their state-of-the-art tool presetters. The UI/UX team worked closely with the client’s software team to refresh the legacy design, which previously required multiple monitors, into a more efficient and user-friendly single monitor template.


To ensure that the new design met end-users’ needs, BZDesign conducted interviews and user testing to incorporate requested features and usability improvements. The design process included multiple rounds of wireframes, designs, and prototypes, and the team created the logo and brand language for the app, ensuring a cohesive and consistent look and feel with the clients corporate brand.


BZDesign also provided ongoing support to the development team by documenting all styles, elements, and interaction points. Following the successful completion of the design project, BZDesign continued to work with the client, supporting the promotion of the software during its launch at IMTS 2022.