A Decade of Design: The Evolution and Impact of BZDesign

A Decade of Design: The Evolution and Impact of BZDesign

As BZDesign celebrates a decade of innovative design and transformative solutions, we’re reflecting on a journey that has shaped not only our agency but also the design landscape stretching from Rochester, NY to locations as far away as Korea. From our humble beginnings to developing a broad portfolio of creative excellence, our story is one of growth, community, and the relentless pursuit of exceptional user-centric design.

Our Founding and Vision

In 2012, under the leadership of Ben Zombek, BZDesign was born from a drive to transform creative passions into professional solutions. With over 15 years of experience in industrial design and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ben has guided the company from its inception, continually pushing the boundaries of design and setting high standards for innovation and quality. His leadership has propelled the company forward and fostered a culture of excellence that permeates every project.

Joining Ben in shaping the trajectory of BZDesign, Kelly Vars, who began as an intern from RIT in 2013, rapidly became instrumental in building the graphic design and marketing side of the business. Under her leadership, the graphic team has significantly expanded their creative offerings, establishing a robust foundation that supports all other design endeavors.


Significant Milestones and Achievements

Our journey is marked by several key milestones:


  • 2014: Official incorporation of BZDesign.
  • 2016: Adam Baker joins the team and catapults expansion of the Industrial Design Department.
  • 2017: Laura Whitby enhances BZD’s capabilities significantly adding her 2o+ years of UI/UX experience to the team.
  • 2022: Kelsea Ennis joins BZD, enriching our graphic design projects and expanding our multimedia support with her skills in photography, illustration, and animation.
  • 2024: Celebration of Ten Years of Design Innovation!


Throughout these years, our portfolio has grown to include over 195 clients, ranging from local startups to global corporations, consistently pushing the boundaries of design. The IBML Fusion project, recognized with a “Good Design” award, underscores our commitment to excellence.


Empowering Future Talent

Our Intern Program has become a cornerstone of our growth strategy, bringing in talented students from RIT and beyond. This program has infused our projects with fresh ideas and cutting-edge techniques, with many interns going on to successful careers in design, some even returning to BZDesign as full-time professionals.


Community Engagement and Support

The support from NextCorps has been invaluable, providing us with the resources needed to grow and integrating us into the local tech and design community. Our designation as Designers in Residence and mangers of the FabLab in the new Sibley space, has allowed us to engage directly with the next generation of innovators, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of creative and technological excellence.

The broader Rochester community has played a critical role in our development, reflecting our commitment to nurturing local talent and businesses. We are proud of the success stories of multiple startup clients we have supported from their nascent stages.


A Decade Celebrated

Our 10th-anniversary celebration was a vibrant event, attended by team members, clients, mentors, family, and friends on the NextCorps rooftop. Ben Zombek’s speech highlighted the profound gratitude we feel towards our BZDesign family:

“I’d like to take a moment to show our appreciation to all of you that you are here. To our mentors, clients, friends, and families—thank you for helping our family of companies grow! A special thanks to Kelly Vars, who has been the glue keeping our team focused and excelling in design solutions.”


Looking Ahead

As we embark on the next chapter, BZDesign is as dynamic as ever, with plans to expand our offerings in both tangible and digital product design. We are excited about the opportunities to deepen our client relationships and continue delivering impactful design solutions.

Here’s to another decade of creativity, collaboration, and outstanding design at BZDesign!