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NuNee Packaging

The BZDesign team worked to develop an early-production run of a direct-to-consumer shipping box design for the NuNee product. The team collaborated on the graphics for the box, inserts, labels, and printed materials. Custom vector illustrations were created for the visual instructions, and additional photography, videography, and animations were supplied to the customer.


What is NuNee?

NuNee is not a knee support. It’s a patella support. Created by Mike Emmerling, a triathlete and engineer that suffered from patellofemoral and anterior knee pain (a.k.a. Runner’s Knee) for over 5 years. His solution gets right to the source of the problem.

The research reveals that if you relieve pressure you relieve the pain. NuNee relieves pressure between your patella (knee cap) and your femur (thigh bone). It helps your knee cap to glide smoothly and naturally once again.

While other braces use compression and add pressure to your patella, NuNee is the only support that relieves the pressure by placing a gentle lift on your patella that helps it track properly while you run, walk, bike, and train.

NuNee is currently undergoing clinical trials and is not for sale online. Interested in getting involved? Learn more. Interested in using NuNee in your practice? Get in touch.


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