SunDensity Brand Refresh

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SunDensity Brand Refresh

The mission was clear: transform an outdated brand into a vibrant, modern, and impactful visual identity.


Project Goals:

The SunDensity project presented an exciting challenge: to rejuvenate an existing brand, breathe new life into its outdated logo, and realign it with the company’s evolving mission and core values. Our goal was to not just create a visually appealing brand but also to craft a brand language that effectively communicated SunDensity’s commitment to cutting-edge photonics, sustainable energy solutions, and its pivotal role in advancing solar technology adoption.



Our journey began with a look into SunDensity’s existing brand and a collaborative exploration into the brand’s evolving values and vision. With a mission to incorporate SunDensity’s innovation and sustainability into the brand’s essence, our creative team got to work. From the revitalization of the logo, to the development of an extensive supporting creative arsenal, every step of the process was supported by the collaboration with SunDensity and Tipping Point Communications to ensure that the brand evolution not only met but exceeded the brand’s aspirations.


Final Design:

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a brand identity that encapsulated SunDensity’s mission and values. The logo was reimagined, preserving the sun symbol while adding fresh, modern interpretations that symbolize growth, energy, and innovation. A dynamic color palette infused the brand with innovation and sustainability, while a tech-oriented typeface aligned with SunDensity’s pioneering spirit.


Supporting Creative Materials:

In preparation for the brand launch at the Ribbon Cutting event, we collaborated with SunDensity and Tipping Point Communications to create an array of supporting creative materials. These materials were strategically designed to continue to develop the new brand identity. The creative work encompassed an extensive list of assets, including brand materials, business cards, powerpoints, email graphics, a complete website design, a series of informative posters, pop-up banners, signage, merchandise, wall and window graphics, and other supporting brand assets. Each piece played a crucial role in conveying SunDensity’s revitalized brand and commitment to a sustainable, innovative future.

In an aggressive timeline, our collective effort brought the brand to life, ensuring that the brand launch at the Ribbon Cutting event was a resounding success. 


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