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Keystone Profiles

A Modern Approach to Cold-Drawn Steel Manufacturing

Our collaboration with Keystone Profiles aimed to modernize their brand identity and enhance their market presence. The project began with a comprehensive redesign of their website and an on-location photoshoot to capture the essence of their manufacturing process and team.


Key Objectives:


  • Redefining Brand Identity: Our goal was to rejuvenate Keystone Profiles’ outdated brand and realign it with their core values and mission in the cold-drawn steel market.
  • Enhancing Digital Presence: We aimed to create a user-centric website that effectively showcased Keystone Profiles’ expertise and capabilities while providing a seamless browsing experience.
  • Crafting Engaging Marketing Materials: In preparation for the upcoming tradeshow, we developed a suite of marketing materials, including informative flyers and a visually striking pop-up banner, to captivate the audience and communicate Keystone Profiles’ value proposition effectively.


Collaborative Process:

Our journey with Keystone Profiles involved close collaboration and iterative refinement to ensure that every aspect of the project met their expectations and aligned with their vision. From the initial concept exploration to the final design implementation, we worked hand in hand with the Keystone Profiles team to deliver results that exceeded their aspirations. The website redesign showcased their products and services in a compelling manner, while the marketing materials created a cohesive brand narrative that resonated with their target audience.


Successful Launch:

With our collective efforts, Keystone Profiles successfully launched their revitalized brand at the tradeshow, garnering positive feedback and generating significant interest from attendees. The cohesive branding and engaging marketing materials played a pivotal role in positioning Keystone Profiles as a leader in the cold-drawn steel market, driving awareness and fostering new business opportunities.




Graphic Design, Photo/Video, Web