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Compass iQ Consulting

Compass iQ is a fresh executive consultancy specializing in strategy and business development.

BZDesign partnered with Compass iQ to provide creative guidance for the company launch. Discovering their unique blend of unconventional wisdom and expert guidance, our team collaborated on the creation of Compass iQ’s name, company mission, logo, branding, and messaging to deliver a complete launch package for the company.


After rounds of discovery, exploration, and concepting, our design team refined the final direction for the logo design. Merging a planetary image with a directional compass, this icon symbolizes movement, guidance, and innovation. We crafted brand language that resonating with Compass iQ’s vibrant personality and developed the styling through marketing materials, photography, pitch decks, and a landing page.


This partnership led to the creation of a brand language embodying Compass iQ’s spirit – vibrant, unconventional, and innovative.


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