BZDesign, Inc. / TelosAir


The BZDesign team collaborated with TelosAir to revitalize their user interface design, prioritizing an exceptional user experience. Through customer discovery, we simplified complex data points, making them easily understandable for basic users. We developed visually striking and interactive data widgets, allowing users to customize their view. Our primary page templates ensured a cohesive interface throughout the web app, streamlining navigation and usability.

Our design partnership began at the inception of the company, by first collaborating on the logo design and brand identity, then have continued to support the team with effective marketing materials, and industrial design support around their proprietary air sensors.

The collaboration between BZDesign and TelosAir resulted in a seamless user experience, simplified data visualization, and consistent interface design. Empowered by our comprehensive solutions, TelosAir excelled in the air quality monitoring industry, making a lasting impact on promoting healthier environments.


Branding, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, UI/UX