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DipJar Pro Product Design

DipJar Pro, a Cashless Fundraising Solution for Giving, evolved from our collaboration with DipJar. With a focus on portability, user interaction, and modern payment options, our team worked to design the next generation device that would help the client’s customers create more giving moments.


Our primary goal was to design a handheld, portable device that retained the recognizable “jar-like” profile of its predecessor. DipJar Pro needed to offer an extended battery life for on-the-go fundraising, seamlessly integrate with Wi-Fi networks, and support a variety of cashless payment methods. The challenge was to innovate upon the first-gen device, incorporating new interactions and maintaining a cohesive design.



Design Process


Concept Exploration:
Our Industrial Design process began with sketching numerous ideas, refining them to find a direction that aligned with DipJar’s vision. The challenge was to preserve the iconic DipJar shape while adding new capabilities and enhancing functionality.

User Interface:
Unlike its predecessor, DipJar Pro aimed to offer users a more dynamic and engaging experience. Our UI team designed interactive concepts, allowing users to select their desired donation amount, a departure from the fixed donation amount of the first-gen device.

Enhanced Experience:
To enrich the user experience, we incorporated the LED light arc from the first-gen device and explored innovative methods of lighting and sound. The result was a unique, configurable experience that enhanced user feedback during transactions.

Cohesive Design:
Every aspect of DipJar Pro’s design was meticulously considered, from assembly to charging to labeling. The focus remained on creating a cohesive and user-centric product that met every need seamlessly.

Final Product:
The culmination of our efforts resulted in a design where interaction took center stage. The touch screen and payment points were strategically placed, making it effortless for users to contribute to their preferred charitable organizations.

Our team produced multiple high-quality prototypes, including functional beta units. This iterative prototyping process ensured that the final product not only met the design objectives but also performed flawlessly in real-world scenarios.



Redefining the Fundraising Experience

DipJar Pro stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. By redefining the fundraising experience, we’ve empowered DipJar to meet the evolving needs of donors and organizations alike. DipJar Pro not only retains the essence of the iconic DipJar but propels it into a new era of cashless fundraising, where simplicity, portability, and user interaction converge seamlessly.


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