From Inspiration to Identity: The Logo Design Process for AGTC

From Inspiration to Identity: The Logo Design Process for Advanced Gene Transfer Company

Designing a logo is a critical aspect of establishing a brand’s identity.

When tasked with creating a logo for the “Advanced Gene Transfer Company,” we were inspired by the company’s use of Carbon Nanotubes to transfect cells with genetic material for biological research and cell therapy.


To begin, we researched visual elements associated with the industry and brainstormed logo ideas. We then worked closely with the client to narrow down the top designs and refined them until we had the perfect solution that captured the essence of the business.


Selecting the right colors and typefaces was also essential in creating a visually appealing and effective logo. We carefully considered various color palettes and typography until we found ones that fit perfectly with the brand’s message and personality.


Through the collaborative process with the AGTC team, our designers were successful in developing the brand identity. It effectively communicates the AGTC mission and values, and we hope it will make a positive impact on the company’s standing in the industry.


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