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The entire BZDesign team collaborated with DinamicOR to develop the next Generation DinamicOR Adjustable Back Table for operating room organization and workflow automation. The 4-in-1 table has been designed to configure to the needs of any operating room procedure, no matter the size. With increased visibility of instrument trays and a standardized setup/breakdown process via the accompanying app, the DinamicOR system provides hospitals unprecedented operating room efficiency and safety.

The graphic design team also worked with DinamicOR to develop a comprehensive new website that detailed the increased functionality of the new product. The graphic design team utilized a series of features to highlight product value, and compare the product to the outdated setup which hadn’t changed in 30+ years. See the newly designed website at www.dinamicor.com

The BZDesign team now engages with DinamicOR on an ongoing design support project, supplying the sales team with necessary materials to engage potential customers, generating social media and article content to drive traffic to the new website, and refining call-to-actions to optimize conversions towards requesting a live demonstration of the new product.


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