You Are The Brand

 Whether you are rebranding or starting a company from scratch,
it is vital to understand one thing about your brand.

It revolves around you.

A brand revolves around the perceived value of your product or service in the eyes of your customers. If you want your customers to perceive your company’s credibility and value, you need to be building your brand purposefully. Be conscious of every application your brand will touch. Does it represent you, your product/service, and your customers?


Building Your Brand

You will use your brand everywhere, so it is important to establish guidelines to maintain consistency across all facets of your operation. Every slide in a sales presentation, every business card handed out by an employee, every page on a website, and every post on social media should be consistent with your company tone and personality.

Once you have established your brand guidelines, build out a press packet. This will be your Go-To folder with all the brand elements, content, images, and more, all together in one place. Gather the following items, and anything else relevant to your brand:

  1. Your Logo
  2. Written Descriptions of your Company
    • One Phrase
    • One Sentence
    • One Paragraph
  3. Headshots and Team Contacts
  4. Product/Service Photography
  5. Marketing Materials
    • Presentations
    • Brochures, Sales Sheets & One-Pagers
    • White Papers & Research

Store this folder on a shareable platform for easy access to you, your team, investors, the media, and anyone else who may need access to your branding elements. Each of these components are crucial in creating a consistent, recognizable, and well-established brand.


Online and In-Person Visibility

Think about the last time you looked up a new restaurant to try online. How quickly did you make judgments and pass over multiple options before selecting the right one? What made you not choose those previous options? More importantly, what made you choose the one you did?


The quality and consistency of your brand presence will make or break your company’s success. As a business and as a brand, you should be asking yourself, “what do my customers see when they search for me online?”  Are you proud of your presence?

Tips to build out your search presence:

  • Create a Google Business Page
  • Add SEO to your website
  • Create and maintain a professional LinkedIn Company Page
  • Ask your customers to leave online reviews
  • Focus on the 2-3 social media platforms where your customers are active
  • Use consistent logos, images, colors, and phrases across all platforms
  • Be thoughtful of what search terms your customers are probably using and how can you incorporate those into your content

If you look at your business online, what is your first impression? Were you easy to find on the right platforms? Do you look credible, valuable, and approachable? Are you competitors more visible than you are? Take notice of where your presence is lacking and focus on what you can do to gain visibility in that area.

Next, try to get an unbiased opinion from a source that is not familiar with your company. Their first impression and general feedback can be eye-opening to young brands and make them re-think their strategy for reaching customers.


Customer Feedback

How can you learn what your customers think about your brand? ASK THEM! Create a simple survey that you can send to customers in a follow-up email asking what they think about your website, social media, logo, etc. Even if you get a couple responses, you can start to cater your brand image and functionality more closely to the customer’s needs. Before you know it, you are creating value for your customers.


This approach to improving your presence will allow you to increase traffic to your website, increase conversions to sales, give you a competitive edge over similar product/service providers, and allow you to build a community of followers around your brand.

Communication with your customers is the key.

Start a conversation and be ready to answer their questions and concerns.


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*Whatever you do, enjoy your brand!