Designing a Strong Brand Identity for Salt City Manufacturing

At BZDesign, we’re excited to share how we brought Salt City Manufacturing’s brand identity to life through thoughtful design choices that reflect their unique story.

Understanding the Vision

Our journey with Salt City Manufacturing began with a deep exploration of their values, mission, and distinct offerings. Collaborative discussions and extensive research paved the way for a brand identity that resonated deeply with their target audience.

Crafting the Logo

Central to Salt City Manufacturing’s brand identity is their logo, a representation of their commitment to innovation, precision, and professionalism. Drawing inspiration from Syracuse’s salt industry heritage, we incorporated bold triangular elements into the logo design, signifying their respect for tradition while propelling the brand toward an inventive future.

Color Palette and Typography

The color palette and typography were carefully chosen to mirror Salt City Manufacturing’s personality. Bold yet approachable colors were selected, reflecting the brand’s professionalism and warmth. The handwritten font choice added a personal touch, highlighting the brand’s identity as a women-owned business.

Visual Language

Extending the brand identity, we designed marketing materials and collateral that maintain consistency and professionalism. By incorporating elements that showcase the brand’s values and history, we created a cohesive and engaging visual language.

Bringing it All Together

Our design journey for Salt City Manufacturing was an exercise in understanding and translating their unique story into visuals. By leveraging design choices such as the handwritten font, triangular motifs, and a color palette that exudes warmth, we developed their brand identity to resonate deeply with their audience.

The Salt City Manufacturing project underscores our commitment to impactful brand identities that transcend visuals. At BZDesign, we pride ourselves on our ability to create designs that truly reflect our clients’ stories. Stay tuned for more success stories in our portfolio, and if you’re considering revamping your brand identity or embarking on a new design venture, we’re here to collaborate and bring your vision to life!