Illuminating the Future: SunDensity’s Brand Refresh and R&D Facility Ribbon Cutting

In a recent collaboration with SunDensity, we not only rejuvenated a brand but also aligned it with the company’s evolving mission in the realm of cutting-edge photonics and sustainable energy solutions.


Setting the Stage: Project Goals

The first objective was to breathe new life into an outdated brand, realign it with SunDensity’s evolving mission and core values, and create a visual identity that speaks volumes. Our project goals went beyond aesthetics—in collaboration with Tipping Point Communications we aimed to craft a brand language that effectively translated SunDensity’s commitment to advancing solar technology and their pivotal role in the realm of sustainable energy. Next, we would design a new website and apply the brand across the facility as well as develop Sundensity’s new marketing and event materials. The timeline was unforgiving: with a Ribbon Cutting for Sundensity’s new Research and Design Facility scheduled three months out, we were off to the races.

Navigating the Creative Landscape: The Process

We kicked things off with a thorough examination of SunDensity’s existing brand. Through collaborative sessions with SunDensity and Tipping Point Communications, we explored the brand’s evolving values and vision. The creative gears started turning as we sought to incorporate SunDensity’s innovation and sustainability into the very essence of the brand. Every step of the process was a collaborative effort, ensuring that the brand evolution not only met but exceeded SunDensity’s aspirations.


Bringing Ideas to Life: The Final Design

The culmination of our creative efforts yielded a brand identity that encapsulated SunDensity’s mission and values. The logo underwent a complete revitalization, preserving the sun symbol while infusing fresh, modern interpretations that symbolize growth, energy, and innovation. A dynamic color palette breathed life into the brand, echoing innovation and sustainability. The choice of a tech-oriented typeface resonated with SunDensity’s pioneering spirit, creating a cohesive and impactful visual identity.


We created an array of supporting creative materials. These materials were strategically designed to continue to develop the new brand identity. The creative work encompassed an extensive list of assets, including brand materials, business cards, powerpoints, email graphics, a complete website design, a series of informative posters, pop-up banners, signage, merchandise, wall and window graphics, and other supporting brand assets. Each piece played a crucial role in conveying SunDensity’s revitalized brand and commitment to a sustainable, innovative future.




TPX’s Lindsay Custer, SunDensity’s Greg Gresock, and BZD’s Kelsea Ennis enjoy the results of their teams’ collaboration at the 2023 Ribbon Cutting Event.

The SunDensity Brand Refresh project was a testament of creativity, collaboration, and hustle!

At BZDesign, we take pride in our ability to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. As SunDensity continues shaping light and shaping the future of energy, we can be sure that our creative has played a pivotal role in shaping their brand narrative.



View the full portfolio recap of the creative work here.

Here’s to the power of design and the boundless possibilities it unlocks for brands ready to embrace change.