The Best of CES 2016: Design That Demands Attention

The new year is here, and you know what that means: CES! At the start of every year in Las Vegas, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) reveals the coolest new gadgets — both in early development and soon coming to market. The stage is immense, to say the least. From domestic startups to international companies, from tech bloggers to TechCrunch, CES is a snapshot of our industrial world exponentially evolving.

Unique because CES is an important trade show for the average consumer of personal electronics (including the average consumer of Lexus hoverboards), CES is also an important trade show for industrial and product designers. We pay attention, we take notes, we keep up, we participate.

This year, one of our designs made the CES stage floor, and even came away with an award. ADAMM, by Health Care Originals, is a Rochester, NY based company that we have had the honor of working with. ADAMM (Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management) is a wearable technology that provides a complete solution for managing asthma.

Adamm Device

In addition to Health Care Originals making waves (which we’ll discuss further in a future post), we’ve surveyed some of the BZ team to find what else stood out at CES 2016.

Ehang 184 Human Carrying Drone

“The exhilarating user experience of piloting an Ehang 184 human carrying drone would truly be remarkable.  Imagine the top-of-the-world birds eye view as you hover over your neighborhood, sailboats, ball fields, and traffic congestion, soaring confidently to your precise destination.  So efficient.  The future is near.” – Ben

SCiO Sensor

“SCiO is a tiny molecular sensor that connects to your smartphone to tell you the chemical makeup of anything. I see endless possibilities for application of this technology, and I’m fascinated by the ability to learn more about the world around us with the touch of a button.” – Koby

Kodak Super 8 Camera

“I’m pretty intrigued by this new Super 8 camera from Kodak. With the resurgence of old analog formats like vinyl in recent years, it’s cool to see companies looking back to their roots and revisiting the beloved super 8 film format for a new generation.”  – Brad

LG Roll Up Television

“I mean, it’s a roll up television. Who wouldn’t want that? No more walking down the street with a rolled up newspaper. All jokes aside, I am totally on board. I love that the core of this technology is OLED based, which, I believe, is the future of display. OLEDs needed a push from big industry to lower the cost of development and manufacturing. Hopefully this is the big push it needed.” – Kevin