A Look into the Design Process

Featured Project: ADAMM by Health Care Originals. A wearable asthma detection and monitoring device. Winner of CES 2016 Innovation Award.

Health Care Originals is a Rochester based company with award-winning wearable technology for respiratory monitoring. Their device, ADAMM, was created to allow for the monitoring and better understanding of asthma. At BZDesign, we helped develop the ADAMM device from concept and could not be more pleased by the product’s success to date. Below, you will see the unique design process we took with ADAMM to create what is now a fully functional product.



Graphic Design & Marketing

  • Branding: Logo design and branding packages for companies and products
  • Web Design: From one-page product introductions, to robust full website packages with e-commerce solutions
  • UI/UX: Concept & design of efficient, easy-to-use user interfaces and on-board software
  • Packaging: Ensuring the customers’ first physical experience with your product is a good one
  • Print Materials, Tradeshow, & Digital Marketing: A wide range of support materials including: brochures, flyers, tradeshow banners, digital advertising, website SEO, social media marketing, and analytics that show real-time ROI

Industrial Design

  • Concepting: Hundreds of concepts, revisions, testing, sketching, and wide explorations
  • Prototyping: Foam, paper, or 3D printed models provide tangible representations of the product
  • User Testing: Get the device in the hands of your users. Learn what works and what needs work
  • Final Renderings: High quality renderings of the final design for approvals and initial promotions
  • Development & Manufacturing: Our team partners with specialized firms and manufacturers to see your product through the finish line

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