Combplex | Prototyping and Presentation Design Support

Combplex has developed a smart beehive frame capable of detecting and eliminating parasitic Varroa mites that are responsible for the devastation of bee colonies without harming the bees themselves.

As avid support-the-bees fans, our team jumped into action to create the best possible solutions for the Combplex team.


Our introduction to the Combplex team began with their need to improve their visuals for their upcoming pitch at the  Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition.  With a large grand-prize payout, we knew the visual representation of Combplex’s problems and solutions were critical in making them stand out from the pack; all with the end goal of saving the bees.


With an outstanding pitch from the team, Combplex was chosen as a winner in the Grow-NY competition and took home a prize payout to continue their incredible efforts to enhance the honey bee population in the United States!


Our industrial and graphic design team worked with Combplex to create visual illustrations of their technology, refreshed the visuals of the competition pitch deck, and created full-scale prototypes of their product.


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